AI-powered trend forecasting and market insights

We empower retailers to drive forward-looking decisions by aggregating and demystifying predictive data.

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Why using Trendscope?

Track your competitors.

Analyze competitor's sales, prod-ucts, colors, assortment breadth, and pricing.

Listen to influencers.

Search for styles from runway, online fashion retailers, Instagrams/Tiktok with keywords. Rank styles in social media by popularity.

Discover trends.

Trendscope leverages billions of signals in search, social, and Google Trends data to predict which trends are emerging and which have reached their peak.
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Customer stories

At Trendscope, we can automatically aggregate and summarize current hotspots and trends. What used to take a week to accomplish can now be easily done by simply opening the Trendscope page. The data is comprehensive and persuasive, enabling subsequent work to proceed more efficiently.
Product Planning
Trendscope allows me to quickly grasp competitors' sales situations and market opportunities, and assists me in completing inventory arrangements, pricing, and discount strategies for products. It is an indispensable tool for our team.
Operations Director
Trendscope is an all-around product for designers. Here, not only can you keep up with the latest trends on the runway and popular styles on Instagram and TikTok, but you can also discover niche yet excellent design works. These contents quickly open up my design inspiration.

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